So these are the cookies the only good thing my StepMonster ever gave me, sorry but it is true!

Like the Hummingbird Brownies, these can be added too and adapted and that’s why I make them so much.

So here is the Recipe

This recipe makes 18 and they keep better than normal cookies….  So firstly preheat the oven to 180’c (350’F) Gas Mark 4

Line 2 baking sheets


  • 125g White Chocolate
  • 125g Plain Chocolate
  • 125g Unsalted Butter (Soft)
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 125g Porridge Oats
  • 150g Plain Flour
  • 2.5ml/ 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract


  • Chop the chocolate and pop to one side
  • Cream together the Butter and Sugar, until pale and creamy
  • Add the Egg, Extract, Oats, Flour and Baking Powder and mix
  • Stir in the Choc or if you like add what you want from peanuts to mars bars to walnuts to raisins
  • Place dessert spoon sized dollops onto the baking sheet and cook until light brown (12 mins)
  • For triple choc replace 15g of flour with 15g of cocoa powder.

Brownies – Hummingbird Bakery Recipe

So I tend to use the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook Frosted Brownie recipe the most as its a bit cheaper and gives a good bake.  It also lends itself to change which is perfect as I do like to add things in like Marshmallows or Maltesers.

So on to the recipe:

5 Eggs

500g Caster Sugar

120g Plain Flour

100g Cocoa Powder

250g Unsalted Butter (Melted)

30g Walnuts and 30g of Dark Chocolate – This is where I add what I like….

Preheat the oven to 160’c in the book it says 170’c (325’F) Gas Mark 3 but I have a fan oven and over time I have realised most Hummingbird Recipes need the 160’c temp.

Anyway Melt the Butter

Beat the Eggs and Sugar together until light and fluffy. I use a hand held mixer by Kenwood

Add the Flour and Cocoa Powder and mix until just combined.  It gets really messy at this point due to flour/cocoa dust so I mix it first then turn the mixer on.

Add the Butter and mix again, then pour into a prepared tin and I use a 33 x 23 x 5cm baking tin for browines and traybakes, lined with baking parchment.

This is when you add the extra yummy bits and then bake for around 25-30mins until the top is firm but the centre is soft.

Cool in the tin and then pop in the fridge to firm up.

The First Cricket Tea


Yep that’s right the Cricket Season has started and the first game was a friendly against Warnham and Holmbush Park, which is the team I do the teas for.  Anyway it was at home and I was asked to cater for the teas.     As it was a game on home turf for both teams it game me an opportunity to test out some new recipes and bring back some old favourites too.

Now I normally start baking cake on a Thursday for the Saturday game, however I was completely dis-organised and still had not done the food shopping until after work on the Friday.  So I left work on that Friday and popped to Tesco to do a Cricket Tea shop.

I had a menu planned and it consisted of Cheese and Caramelised Onion Puffs, Cheese, Ham, Egg and Chicken Sandwiches, which I always cut into finger sandwiches, Cookies (Oat and Raisin) Brownies, Salad, Eton Mess and Crisps.


These are so easy, as its just puff pastry, which I bought as its a faff to make rough puff and to be honest the bought stuff is good.   I cut this in to rectangles and popped a little grated cheese in the middle, then added a bit of the Caramelized Onion and again I cheated and bought it.  Wrapped it up like a little parcel, egg washed it, added more grated cheese and then baked until golden in a hot oven (200’c) Easy and quick.

Cheese and Caramelised Onion Puffs


This is the only thing I can thank my StepMonster for, as this is the best recipe for Cookies ever as they keep and you can freeze them too.  I change the recipe a lot for these as it is very adaptable and you could use anything and I have been known too from Peanuts, to Walnuts to chopped up Mars Bars, I think you get the idea.  Anyway these are easy and more recently I have been known to chuck all the ingredients into a bowl and just mix.   I have written up the recipe for this and you can find it at:Cookies



Now I am not going to tell you how to make a sandwich so lets move onto Brownies and to be honest this is now the only recipe I use and again it can be adapted.   I normally add any type of chopped up choc bar or raspberries or nuts.  I generally have a look in my cupboard or fridge and roll with it.  This time I used the last of the Monty Bojangles Choccy Scoffy, which I had sitting in my baking cupboard and some nice big marshmallows.  Once the batter was ready to go in the oven I pushed the Marshmallows and Choccy Scoffy and popped it in the oven.   As I have said this is a tried and tested recipe which I have used a number of times out of the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook (1st one in their titles) I will pop the recipe on this website.

Marshmallow Brownies


Right lastly I did an Eton Mess, I know you are thinking crazy! why! well these are really easy and went down really well too…  I whipped the cream at home and also got the strawberries and meringues ready too before we left.  Once I was there all I had to do was pop the mix into individual cups, add a spoon and the Mess was ready..

Eton Mess

So there you go first Tea done and I have done another one since which I will write up soon.


Thanks for Reading


Easy Ice Cream

Yep this is a post on easy Ice Cream and it is the easiest and simplest Ice Cream recipe ever and I love it.

I have an Ice Cream Machine but since I have discovered this I have rarely used it as this recipe does not need churning at all, which saves a lot of time.  However the advantage with my Ice Cream Machine is it freezes it and you can eat it within 30mins if you want and this recipe requires it to freeze in the freezer first.

As I have said this is the easiest recipe on the face of this earth for Ice Cream and I highly recommend making it, not only is it simple it is easy to adapt and you can put anything in it from Vodka to Banana to Crisps if you wanted too..


So here is the Basic Recipe:

300ml Double Cream

284ml of Condensed Milk – So a can’s worth

Whip it together until thick and then add what you want..


I’ve added Banana’s (3) mashed up and changed the Condensed Milk to Caramel Condensed Milk and then for crunch and so it tastes a bit more like Banoffee Pie I have added slightly crushed biscuits.

For the Coffee one, I have added cooled coffee made with warm milk and then I tipped a big slug of Baileys type liquor in.  The beauty of adding alcohol is that it defrosts a bit quicker.

You can also added melted choc any type and maybe some raspberries yum or how about peanut butter, ready salted peanuts and dark chocolate chips…

Really the list is end-list and please email me if you have any questions


Thanks for reading



Cupcakes for a Play Date

A week ago, yep I know I am late writing this but, I’ve been waiting for inspiration and then realised actually I should post a blog about Cupcakes a great Cricket Tea item but also a great treat to take to a Play Date too..

So last week my oldest Pixie was invited to her school friends for tea and I suggested bringing cupcakes.. So that day, before I started work at 8am I had baked 12 cupcakes, oh did I mention Chocolate Cupcakes too and from my favorite cook book as well – Hummingbird Bakery and I will post pictures to show how much its been used too at the end of this post.   I have tried many cupcake recipes over the years and I always come back to this one.  Its easy to follow and the ingredients are what you have around if you like a touch of baking.

I will post the recipe at the end of this blog too but before I discuss the ingredients I am going to share some tips when you follow the method.   It says to add the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and marg/butter at once and mix until it turns to sand, and you really must do this stage as it produces a lovely light sponge.  Then it says to add the egg in batches, then the milk and vanilla. To be honest I lightly whisk the egg in to the milk and vanilla and then add gradually.  I don’t mix for long probably 30 secs once its all in and then using an ice cream scoop I dish it into the cases.    I also cook these at 160c for 19mins but it depends on your oven and I have a fan oven.

To the icing, which is another recipe I use from the Hummingbird book and I add all the ingredients in one go and first mix lightly with a spoon to get the icing sugar covered before the mixer goes on as I don’t like the cloud of icing sugar it produces.  Anyway I mix on a very low speed in my Kenwood for around 10mins and it goes light and fluffy.

Once the cupcakes are cooled I use a bag and pipe and make what I call a ‘Mr Whippy Swirl’ see in the picture above.  Please note on these cupcakes I ran out of time as I only had 5 mins to complete them and did not have time to whip the butter icing…

Anyway did they go down well I hear you ask, well yes they did its a fab recipe, very easy and very effective too.   I can not recommend enough…

So to the Recipe:

So it states its a devils food cake recipe in the book and it also says don’t over beat which I completely agree with.  I almost treat it like a muffin when I am mixing it.

100g plain flour

20g cocoa powder

140g caster sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

a pinch of salt

40g of unsalted butter at room temp / I have been known to use marg

120ml of milk and it states whole milk, however I do use semi skimmed sometimes

1 egg

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

For the Frosting:

300g of icing sugar

100g of unsalted butter

40g cocoa powder

40ml milk

I don’t sift anything by the way and it makes no difference.

Right so there you go a great recipe and for more information please head too Hummingbird Bakery

The mixer I use – Kenwood Prospero

Thanks for reading



Fajitas the oven way!

So tonight it was a case of ‘oh sh*t what I’m going to cook?’ Mr Cricket is off playing Squash with his buddy. The two Pixies are finally in bed and what an interesting pick up from school that was! 4yr old tired, hungry and clearly could not be parted from her Bestie..

Anyway as I was saying our fridge is almost bare and cupboard well we could of had jelly, soup or tuna yum! However as I dug deeper into the cupboard there sat was a lonely #oldelpaso Fajita Seasoning.. now I normally like to make my own and it is incredibly easy, (I will pop the recipe on the recipe page soon)  but I also like to cheat! I am also a big fan of sticking it all in the oven rather than frying it! I don’t know why! Oh yes I do! Frying covers the kitchen in oily fajitas and the oven contains it.  I am not a cleaning freak but I hate cleaning my hob! So tonight we are having oven baked fajitas.  As you will see from the picture I have only popped in a red pepper and I am sure you can guess this is all I had in the fridge… I really need to do a food shop..

Now I have just realised I have not put it in the oven, whoops.. I’ve spent all this time writing this and it’s just sitting on the top and Mr Cricket will need feeding once he is home and showered..

So I hear you ask what are we going to have with it, well I have some iceberg in the fridge, wraps and dips. I also like to add some chopped up cheese and toms/cucumber..   Ok I’ve lied my fridge is not completely bare but it’s not full or inspiring at the moment..

Right I know you are asking how do I cook them in the oven, well I heat it to 180c fan oven, pop the chicken breasts in a dish whole ( you can chop them up but I can’t be bothered) add a generous helping of Olive Oil, chuck over the Fajita spice and then add veg, lots of it ideally.. Cook in the oven until the chicken is cooked so around 30-40 mins and serve.. Easy!

Its so simple and as its in the oven you can forget about it until the timer goes, another advantage of oven cooked fajitas. Just one word of warning; don’t sniff as you are chucking over the spice, like I did tonight, it’s not nice when it goes up your nose..

Thank for reading


Why write a food blog!

Yep I know there are hundreds of food blogs out there, however is there one dedicated to Cricket Teas? Well I don’t think there is and to be honest this one will only have an element of Cricket..  Okay perhaps a little more than an element but let’s see where this will take us.

So me? well I thought I should write something and here goes: I am a mum, shocker I know but it’s true and to, two little girls now I want to call them Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Sunshine but I have a feeling I might get tied up in Copywrite Law so for the purpose of this blog we have Poppops Pixie and Banana Pixie! Yep strange nicknames but there you go.

Oh yes about me well I work part time and love a bit of social media, even though I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m married to Mr Cricket and he is called that because he breathes and sleeps cricket to the point he started up his own team with some others last year and they are not that bad.  That team is going to feature a fair bit in this blog.   Oh what else can I tell you, well I like to cook, try out recipes and my favourite things to cook are cakes and sweet things, hence the name Scrumulicious.  Also I’m only just 40 and I’m running the London Marathon in 2018, I have my place already.

So that’s me and here we go…………

Tara xx