Fajitas the oven way!

So tonight it was a case of ‘oh sh*t what I’m going to cook?’ Mr Cricket is off playing Squash with his buddy. The two Pixies are finally in bed and what an interesting pick up from school that was! 4yr old tired, hungry and clearly could not be parted from her Bestie..

Anyway as I was saying our fridge is almost bare and cupboard well we could of had jelly, soup or tuna yum! However as I dug deeper into the cupboard there sat was a lonely #oldelpaso Fajita Seasoning.. now I normally like to make my own and it is incredibly easy, (I will pop the recipe on the recipe page soon)  but I also like to cheat! I am also a big fan of sticking it all in the oven rather than frying it! I don’t know why! Oh yes I do! Frying covers the kitchen in oily fajitas and the oven contains it.  I am not a cleaning freak but I hate cleaning my hob! So tonight we are having oven baked fajitas.  As you will see from the picture I have only popped in a red pepper and I am sure you can guess this is all I had in the fridge… I really need to do a food shop..

Now I have just realised I have not put it in the oven, whoops.. I’ve spent all this time writing this and it’s just sitting on the top and Mr Cricket will need feeding once he is home and showered..

So I hear you ask what are we going to have with it, well I have some iceberg in the fridge, wraps and dips. I also like to add some chopped up cheese and toms/cucumber..   Ok I’ve lied my fridge is not completely bare but it’s not full or inspiring at the moment..

Right I know you are asking how do I cook them in the oven, well I heat it to 180c fan oven, pop the chicken breasts in a dish whole ( you can chop them up but I can’t be bothered) add a generous helping of Olive Oil, chuck over the Fajita spice and then add veg, lots of it ideally.. Cook in the oven until the chicken is cooked so around 30-40 mins and serve.. Easy!

Its so simple and as its in the oven you can forget about it until the timer goes, another advantage of oven cooked fajitas. Just one word of warning; don’t sniff as you are chucking over the spice, like I did tonight, it’s not nice when it goes up your nose..

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