Who I’m I?

The cake my mum made for my Wedding Day

Who am I?

This is so hard to write as I feel I can not write about myself, so here goes  and apologies if its not that exciting.

So I am a mummy, no surprise there as I am guessing you may have already read my first blog!  and if not then WHY NOT ;0)  no really I am a mummy and I have two little girls which are Pixie PopPops and Pixie Banana, named for the ease of writing the blog (That’s not their real names). I am also a Wifey to a man that eat, sleeps and breathes Cricket (Somerset and England) and Football (Liverpool), not only that he runs with a few others their own Cricket Club and to be honest this is why I am writing this blog as they pay me to do all their Home Game Teas and I thought why not blog about it…

Right that gives you a bit of an insight into me , but without this sounding like the interests and hobbies section of a CV, yes I am a Recruiter! which I do on a part time basis, I also love cooking and I have taught in the past..  I am not a professional and do not claim to be either, I just enjoy it from making up recipes like Banoffee Ice Cream – See recipe page too testing out cook book recipes.

Other interests are I am running the London Marathon in April 2018 for The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London and therefore to raise the money I am hosting a crazy amount of Coffee/Cake mornings and afternoons..  I’m guessing these might just feature too.

So that is me and I hope you enjoy reading!