Easy Ice Cream

Yep this is a post on easy Ice Cream and it is the easiest and simplest Ice Cream recipe ever and I love it.

I have an Ice Cream Machine but since I have discovered this I have rarely used it as this recipe does not need churning at all, which saves a lot of time.  However the advantage with my Ice Cream Machine is it freezes it and you can eat it within 30mins if you want and this recipe requires it to freeze in the freezer first.

As I have said this is the easiest recipe on the face of this earth for Ice Cream and I highly recommend making it, not only is it simple it is easy to adapt and you can put anything in it from Vodka to Banana to Crisps if you wanted too..


So here is the Basic Recipe:

300ml Double Cream

284ml of Condensed Milk – So a can’s worth

Whip it together until thick and then add what you want..


I’ve added Banana’s (3) mashed up and changed the Condensed Milk to Caramel Condensed Milk and then for crunch and so it tastes a bit more like Banoffee Pie I have added slightly crushed biscuits.

For the Coffee one, I have added cooled coffee made with warm milk and then I tipped a big slug of Baileys type liquor in.  The beauty of adding alcohol is that it defrosts a bit quicker.

You can also added melted choc any type and maybe some raspberries yum or how about peanut butter, ready salted peanuts and dark chocolate chips…

Really the list is end-list and please email me if you have any questions


Thanks for reading



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