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Hello there and I’m Tara the crazy lady that started this blog about Cricket Teas and general Cooking.

So what is this blog all about, well I have kind of told you above but let me delve  a bit deeper!  I’ve been cooking now since I was very small.  My mum is and was an excellent cook and I remember being served up typical 70’s dishes such as chicken in white wine with grapes and other equally crazy dishes, the type of person who can open a kitchen cupboard, which looks bare and still be able to produce a delicious meal.  I feel I have inherited this trait but some days I am not so sure!.   Anyway back in the day she was also a fabulous cake maker and wow she used to turn out cakes that looked liked baskets of fresh flowers and she picked up the tools again 7 years ago and made one of my Wedding Cakes, yes I know I said One of my Wedding Cakes, I had TWO.  Anyway my mum started my love of cooking and baking and since meeting my now husband 9 years ago I have taught baking and cooking privately, hosted the odd baking party for friends children and now I get paid for making Cricket Tea’s too!

So what is my specialism well I don’t really have one, apart from I love making cake and sweet treats, but I also love cooking normal food for my family of two Pixies and Mr Cricket.

When I am not trying out new gadgets, yes I love my gadgets in the kitchen  or new ingredients then you can find me at work as a Recruiter and social media guru (well not quite social media guru but getting there).  I am also looking at taking a social media course this year and this is the year 2017 I want to get to grips with the world of social media and perhaps help to promote some fab brands.

So why a blog, well its about time I did something for me.  I love food, writing about food and I love kitchen gadgets too..   Its really that simple..

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Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you……..